Monday, December 22, 2008

The Ticket for a Happy Holiday!

I found this ticket generator at and figured it was a great way for me at Bock's Office to thank you for your blogging inspiration in 2008!

I am committed to sharing more on this blog in 2009 - and will be looking forward to seeing many of you sometime, somewhere in person this next year (SOB Con ... Bigger Small Talk Summit ... who knows where!).

Have a happy holiday wherever and however you celebrate. I'm looking forward to all things MORE than FINE in 2009 (what, besides fine, rhymes with nine?)!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Why I love barbershop singing

This has got to bring a smile to the face of even the most hardened Scrooge this time of year.

Enjoy this Christmas classic from my friends the Benson family (my former director (Pete) and the former tenor of my quartet WindStar (Rachelle)). In this version Pete sings bass, Rachelle is on bari, David (7) is the tenor, Aaron (5) is lead and Luke (3) sends the family greetings.

Just one of the reasons I love barbershop: the ENTIRE family can participate! :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's a more inspiring word for "accountability"?

I'm thinking today about the distinction between setting goals and actually achieving them. I guess it's the close of one year and the dawn of a new one that puts me in this reflective mood. Or maybe it's that I was also born at the dawn of the new year and I've always been a little drawn to the Roman god Janus, who looks both forward and backward - from the old year into the new year.

So here's the reflection: 2008 was a great year and I learned a lot (I hope - the true test will be to make sure that I don't repeat any mistakes I made in 2008 in 2009!). And perhaps the biggest lesson I learned was that I can't reflect anything that I'm not projecting. (One of those things that makes you go hmmm, I know.) I know I need to ASK and not just expect that people know what I need and when I take that action, entire universes open up.

And here's the intention: you will see more of me here in 2009 and I will also start a new blog focused on my work. I will also have a new book published in 2009 with the working title "What is Your WHY?" or something like that (I haven't researched that title for availability yet - that's on my accountability list).

Speaking of which, is there a better word than accountability for, well, accountability? To me that's not very inspiring and I'm searching for inspiration. I know I want to create community around this whole issue of accountability, but I don't want it to feel heavy. So, if I know what I don't want, then what do I want? I want light, airy, compelling inspiration. I want to go from doing to being and I want to attract others into that space so that we (whoever that is) can co-create our own systems and rituals that compel us to action.

I'm confident that the HOW will appear ... my project for these next two weeks is to develop the compelling WHY. So stay tuned.

I'll do my best to be accountable ... until we come up with a better term. Suggestions are welcome (as are co-creators and collaborators!).

Happy and Merry!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Grateful in 2008!

I've been experimenting with Windows Movie Maker and have come up with this representation of my gratitude for a wonderful 2008. If you've been a reader of this blog over the years, this video is for you!

Nobody says or sings it better than Art Garfunkel.

Thank you for everything - and on to even more adventures in 2009!

Monday, December 01, 2008

I Need More Money - Is That True?

This 8 minute video clip from Byron Katie might offer a different perspective for many of us who are beginning to stress out at this time of year.

Happy Holidays - and take a moment to remember what's really important in your life! Spend time with those you love and consider giving memories and experiences this holiday season instead of giving "stuff."