Sunday, March 28, 2010

Want to win the lottery?

Why? Is it to have a lot of money or to hold the big check and be on TV? If you know your why and are really clear about it, the actions you will be compelled to take will get you to that goal.

But sometimes we just aren't sure what we want, so we aren't clear about the actions to take.

What are you doing to get what you want? How's it working? Maybe, just maybe, you'll have to take different action.

Take stock today and see if what you're currently doing is working to get what you say you want.

Here's a hint: there are many more certain ways to get a lot of money than hoping and wishing to win the lottery! Get busy with action that moves you toward your dream!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

You Really Do Know This ... GET HAPPY!

LOVE this video my friend Sally sent to me just now. How very simple ... just GET HAPPY! In fact, in the video she even says, and I quote: "You already know this stuff." See? You really do!

Warning to those with sensitive ears ... there is an S word (I think it's the BS word) in this video!


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Friday, March 05, 2010

My Thursday AHA

I'm working with a client for an hour a week every other week to help their employees with accountability. This is not a mandatory gig, so only those employees who want to participate are involved.

So I said something the first week (about 6 weeks ago) that didn't sit right with a few of them. Apparently, as I was telling them about some things that other clients are doing to achieve their goals, I mentioned an acronym that some of them are fond of saying: "TSRW" or "This S*@t Really Works!"

I had no idea that was offensive, and certainly not as offensive as it apparently was. I heard from others that some were offended, but never from anyone directly (I live on the border of Minnesota, so maybe it has something to do with that whole "Minnesota Nice" syndrome - see more about that here).

Anyway, as I opened up A Course In Miracles yesterday (I've been a student of the Course for about 6 years now), here is what caught my eye rather "randomly":

“Whenever you are tempted to undertake a useless journey that would lead away from light, remember what you really want, and say:

The Holy Spirit leads me unto Christ, and where else

Would I go? What need have I but to awake in Him?

Then follow Him in joy, with faith that He will lead you safely through all dangers to your peace of mind this world may set before you.”

Now I'm really sensitive to anything that can be considered "religious" because I was raised in a fundamental Christian household and the restrictions were suffocating to me, so if I offended anyone with the abovementioned, I apologize.

But this was huge for me. Just another sign that if I just get my ego out of the way (keep my ego, but don't BE my ego), things will work out.

And yesterday when I was back with that client, one of the people who I'd only heard about (one who apparently was offended), actually came up to me and told me she was offended the first week, but interested yesterday. She asked me more about my beliefs and really listened. I was so grateful that she came back and that she told me her reservations about what we were working on in the session.

And we engaged in real dialogue, where we both learned from each other.

TSR does W!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Speeding Through Life in Default Mode

OK, so this morning, with nowhere I needed to get to in a hurry, I got a speeding ticket. It didn't even occur to me as the police car pulled around to follow me that he was coming after me.

I was on Main Avenue in my town of Fargo, and when he stopped me, he asked if I knew the speed limit. I said, "40." He said, "30. You were going 41." He proceeded to tell me that the speed limit does indeed change to 40 but not for a few blocks. As I looked up above his head, there it was: the speed limit sign clearly marked at 30.

So, as he handed me the ticket for $11, it occurred to me that this is a great lesson for all aspects of my life. Especially when I pulled away and consciously had my speedometer at 30 for the 6 blocks I had to go before it switched. Wow, did that seem slow! If my default speed in town is set at 40, how much am I missing because that default is speeding?

Best $11 I'll spend today, for sure! How about you? What might you notice if you slow down your default?