Monday, January 25, 2010

Unconscious or Conscious Competence?

Warning: Today's message is a stream of consciousness meandering ... and I'm only writing this after I've written the whole thing, so proceed at your own risk!

So today I'm contemplating competence and wondering when we actually KNOW, not just suspect, that we are competent at a skill or task.

We try so hard to manifest and achieve that which we desire and then we accomplish it. Then we bask - very briefly - in the accomplishment of that. If we are acknowledged in public for our accomplishments, then sometimes it feels like we are set up to have to live up to that. So although we crave that external validation, sometimes we don't want others to know so we don't have to be accountable.

So how are we supposed to get "there" when we don't really know where "there" is? If we've never gone there in the world, can we program our results through our mind by visualizing and experiencing it there? I believe we can; however, there will always be the naysayers in the world who have the loudest voices, and seem to be able to easily derail our dreams and hopes.

If the loudest voice wins, what is winning? I believe that our inner BEING is more powerful than our outer DOING, although it's a much stiller and smaller voice, so we've really got to be quiet to hear it.

So I'm wondering if the goal is really unconscious competence or whether we want to stay awake and acknowledge our competence. If we practice a skill for so long that it becomes second nature to us, perhaps it will be more our BEING than our DOING that helps others along the way. Or maybe by the time we achieve unconscious competence it's not about teaching anyone else anyway.

Modeling is the best teacher, so to model is actually to teach anyway - just not in a conscious, ego-based way.

So, what conclusion can I draw from this verbal processing that I tend to do in public? That becoming unconsciously competent at a skill really doesn't need public proclamation, but that for me it may require a check, every now and then, against higher standards to ensure continued growth and expansion.

This would make sense, given that one of my life priorities is growth and learning.

Thanks for hanging in here with this post. What do you make of it for yourself? Conscious or unconscious competence? Or does it even matter?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Making 2010 a "10"

If you're ready, once and for all, to live the life you deserve, you'll want to check out Darren Hardy's work: Designing the Best 10 Years of Your Life.

I met Darren, the publisher of the amazing SUCCESS Magazine, at the Napoleon Hill tribute in Anaheim in October (thanks again, Greg Reid, for a fantastic party and the launch of your book, Three Feet From Gold - another winner!).

Darren's program is an 8-week life plan development series which is available, beginning today, January 5, for FREE!

This program will cover:

goal setting is important—it’s good to know why before we jump into how.
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this program is going to work—setting your sights and expectations for the process.
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Head over to Darren's Site to begin the best 10 years of your life!