Wednesday, July 07, 2010

What Does It Take to Start a Movement?

I saw this video (below) on TED, thanks to Debby McKinney on Facebook, and it's really gotten me thinking.

We are so high on leadership these days - and we really need to be. After all, it's enlightened leadership that leads to enlightened results in all areas: business, education, government, churches/spiritual centers.

But what if leaders didn't have followers? Would they still be leaders? Part of me says yes, of course; leadership is a way of being. But maybe it's not the initial leader, but that first follower who has the most impact.

It takes courage - guts, really - to be the first one, the trailblazer. But really, if you're just BEING a leader, does it matter if anyone follows? Perhaps the real courage comes from being that first person to make a decision to follow someone else.

So, when does a pair become a movement? And when does a movement become a mindless mob? One of my mentors says that if you see a crowd of people going in one direction, turn and go the opposite way. If you're following the crowd, you may not be thinking for yourself.

So, what becomes of the collective consciousness that acts in positive, enlightened ways? Is that a possibility? That all who are following are not simply mindless, but have made an informed decision and are following by leading the next person? I believe so. That's what we can learn from this short video from TED.

So have the guts to follow someone you believe in. Or be the lone nut. Either way, you have the potential to change the world!


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