Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thirsty? Here's the Firehose.

OK, I know I'm passionate about learning and growing and teaching and sharing. But I'm learning that not everyone shares the same passions I do - and sometimes that's a difficult lesson to really get.

I used to work with a very wise guy (no, not a wiseguy, but a wise SPACE guy!) who once told me "if we both think the same way one of us is not needed." He really got that it was important for people to share various perspectives in order to help each other expand their collective point of view.

I KNOW that's true, but sometimes I still forget. I sometimes believe that everyone should see the world of higher awareness and new information and growth and advancement the way I see it and that's just not the way it is. Just because I am excited and passionate about something doesn't mean everyone needs to agree.

If we both think the same way one of us is not needed.

Others are needed in my life to help me see other points of view. But I'm needed in other people's lives to stand for my own way of seeing the world so that I can provide information and inspiration in my own way, too.

I think for me the challenge is to balance my dynamic energy (the "push" energy) and the magnetic energy (the "pull" energy). Or another way to say it is the DO (dynamic) and the BE (magnetic). I know there are times and places for both. As a speaker and a coach, I can definitely see times and places for both.

I'm thinking of Wayne Dyer's reminder: "How may I serve?" which asks what the other needs rather than forces on them what I think they need.

How may I serve today?


At 11:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I get your point that different people can learn from each other, and maybe in a team that is working together for a particular goal it's not necessary to have two people doing one job.

But isn't it just fun to talk to people who you think alike with? Not for any goal of growth or advancement, but just to enjoy that conversation?

At 7:02 AM, Blogger Jodee Bock said...

Yes, Warren - great point. It is amazing to be in a group of like-minded people. In fact, there are times I don't even need to talk there because we just get each other.

Your point is well taken and that's why I love blogging so much. It's a true DIALOGUE - suspending assumptions for the purpose of learning something. And I learned something today! Thank you!


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