Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Does Positive Energy = Positive Results?

It's difficult for me not to be really excited today as we swear in a new president. I know that not everyone is happy about this - not everyone voted for him - but it's difficult not to feel the energy surrounding the events that are underway even as I type this.

I was in Hawaii during the election, and the energy was palpable even in the last state to vote (when the polls closed in Hawaii, the vote was pretty much already decided, which could have had something to do with the 95% vote for Obama - or maybe it was because he was born in Hawaii).

At any rate, it's amazing to watch CNN right now and see so many people so excited for the new world we seem to be on the brink of experiencing.

One of my master mind groups is currently studying Peter Block's newest book "Community" which tells us that in order to create a new future, we need to resolve our past (not forget it, just complete it, to use the language from the book) and declare a new future to live into.

It's really no different when talking about individual communities, businesses or a nation - the process is similar. Energetic and hopeful conversations create new energy which attracts people into new results. Or as Block points out in "Community," creates conversations which touch, move and inspire to join in the new possibilities.

Back in March of 2003 I participated in a life-transforming educational opportunity called The Landmark Forum, and I ended up completing the entire curriculum (the Advanced Course and the Self Expression and Leadership Program) which used as its foundation work by Werner Erhard, which Block is referencing in his newest book.

I have lived a different life since learning those distinctions in 2003, and was reminded of the power of that information to transform lives when my good friend Chris Young called this morning to tell me about his profound experience at the Forum this past weekend.

I'm so excited and encouraged for Chris in his life, but also for us as Americans and really for the world as we create a future distinct from our past, not by ignoring the past, but by completing it - realizing that everything that happens to us individually or collectively is important to getting us where we find ourselves right now.

I'm excited that our new president has the Audacity of Hope and a powerful voice that can call us to action around this new energy. This will be as true for us individually as it will be collectively - and I know it starts with me.

What future are you creating for yourself by your own declarations, in your families, businesses, activities, communities and the world?

I KNOW positive energy creates POSITIVE results because I experience it every day. What are your results showing you? It's simple to change those results by declaring your future. And that power is in YOUR hands today. The results we can create and allow in our world are powerfully exciting!


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