Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Get To ... Have To ... or Want To?

So, what's the difference between things you get to do, have to do, and want to do? Certainly there are commonalities between those tasks. But isn't it true that mindset has a lot to do with why tasks fall into one of those categories?

I've heard it said that you only HAVE to do something until you WANT to and then you never HAVE to again. I suppose at that point you GET to do it.

Semantics? Maybe. But let's look deeper.

Why is it that there are some things I love to do but others hate them? And some things, like anything that involves details and numbers, that make my heart race (and not with excitement) but light someone else up (in a good way)? Could it have anything to do with the core of who I am?

I'm confident that that's the case. In fact, Bock's Office will be hosting Dick Richards in Fargo June 23-24 to help people discover what Dick calls our GENIUS - that part of us that has been with us from the beginning.


The Genius Workshop will be a day for people to uncover that genius and give it a name. Dick says that everyone has a genius that is inevitably linked to all our activities - in life and in work. Our genius can be thought of in a practical way, as the power that comes most naturally to each of us, and as the businesses we are in as people.

Your genius can also be thought of in a spiritual way, as the essence of your soul, and as an answer to why you exist among the human community. Your genius is the essence of how you can best express yourself. It is your natural power, given to you in order that you might fulfill your life’s purpose.

Participants in Day One - Wednesday, June 23 - learn about the concept of genius and begin the work of discovering their own genius through exercises drawn from Dick's book Is Your Genius At Work, facilitated by Dick himself, and dialogue with one another in pairs and trios.

In follow-up interviews, conducted at least five years after participants had attended a workshop in which discovering genius was a major component, they reported that knowing their genius provided them with:
  • a stronger sense of identity,
  • clearer direction,
  • increased confidence,
  • language to communicate the value they add to work and life situations,
  • higher work satisfaction and productivity,
  • greater personal harmony.

On Day Two - Thursday, June 24 - participants who have already participated in the Genius Workshop, either on Wednesday or in previous years, will get an opportunity to explore the concept of Life Purpose.

Those who study life purpose agree that your purpose cannot be invented but can be discovered, detected, or revealed, that your purpose is directed outward, that knowing your purpose allows you to be more intentional and effective in fulfilling it, and that purpose gives focus to a life. Participants in this day will come to see that knowledge of life purpose will arrive only after the demands of ego have been transcended enough to allow that knowledge to enter awareness, and through a process that is experiential and spiritual rather than intellectual.

Armed with that understanding, participants in this day will explore the ways in which purpose might reveal itself, how it may be revealing itself in their present lives, and how it might reveal itself in the
future. As in Day 1, they will do this work through exercises drawn from the book, facilitation by Dick Richards, and dialogue with one another in pairs and trios.

Are you ready to achieve that personal harmony and clearer sense of direction for yourself and your life? Register today for the GENIUS AND PURPOSE Workshops. Cost for the Genius Workshop is $150; the Purpose Workshop is $100. Register for both days and save $25!


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Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks

At 8:32 AM, Blogger Jodee Bock said...

Great, Radu! I'm glad you found this blog! Thanks for your comments and looking forward to continued conversations!


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