Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Synchronicities Abound (just look around)

Wow, that rhymes and I didn't even mean it to. That must be a sign, right?

I don't know about you, but every time I turn around these days I'm seeing the divine order of the universe. I know that might sound a little "woo-woo" but man, I can't think of another way to say it.

Here's the latest: one of the topics that's been coming up regularly over the past 6 months in my master mind groups is the conversation around the negative media or the bad news we keep hearing regarding elections, gas prices, war, education, etc. We're well aware of what we don't want, but so few of us shift that focus to what we do want.

So I've been sending these folks to Daryn Kagan's website, which is totally focused on good news. Now Daryn knows news. As a former CNN anchor, she's seen her share of bad news; in fact, she's been in the middle of it while on assignment for the war in Iraq, among other places. Please consider checking out Daryn's site. In her words on her site:

This isn't a "happy news," site. It is more focused than that. I would call it "hopeful" news. My mission and the motto of the website is to "Show the World What Is Possible!" one story at a time.
So we've been talking about Daryn and her inspiration in many of our master mind groups and in one of those groups, a woman told me that her sister, who works at CNN in Atlanta, is one of Daryn's best friends. She told me that Daryn was writing a new book and I would probably be interested in it. So I looked it up, but to be honest, forgot about it until I got an email from this friend in my master mind group who kept asking me if I'd gotten Daryn's book yet. I finally just went out and purchased it so I wouldn't have to tell her that I didn't have the book. When I responded to her that I now had the book, she said the reason she wanted to know if I had it was because she wanted to give me an autographed copy and wanted to make sure I didn't have it already!

So I haven't read Daryn's book yet, because I'm waiting for the autographed version which my friend told me should be in the mail to my house today!
I can't wait to read it!

(Oh - and you might want to read about Daryn's trip to visit her friend Betsy (my friend Sharon's sister) here at their lake place near Fargo in Minnesota. You'll have to scroll down to the July 14 post.)

Here's Number Two synchronicity:

Yesterday in our Tuesday master mind group the topic of media came up yet again (I'm telling you, it comes up all the time!) and someone mentioned an article that was in our own newspaper The Forum that day (yesterday). As she started describing the typical front-page "bad news story" (the article was, after all, about a Fargo man who was beat up in a random act in Seattle while on a business trip), she added a really neat twist to the story.

I posted the story to my Facebook page on my profile (see it on my mini-feed; Hey, I'm starting to figure this thing out!) because I don't think the direct link works. If you can't get the story, let me know and I'll email it to you. There is good news in the midst of bad news if we'll just look a little deeper - or from a different angle.

That's what we're seeing here in Fargo in our master mind community (which now numbers nearly 150). When groups of like-minded individuals get together to focus their attention on possibility, there's no telling what can happen!

What are you seeing around you? If it's less than positive, maybe just a simple shift can help you see that there's always possibility, even in the midst of the "negative."


At 4:06 PM, Blogger Dorothy said...

I agree, and unless you make an effort to turn lemons in lemonade..your life will probably be more negative then positive. I continue to work on this..everyday.

thanks for the nudge in the right direction..up..

Dorothy from grammology

At 7:54 PM, Blogger Jodee Bock said...

Thanks for the comments, Dorothy. You don't seem to need much nudging - you have a great outlook (or "uplook")!

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