Monday, February 13, 2006

Even More Connections

I wanted to tell you about an amazing conversation I had last week with two friends and colleagues ... but my new friend Kyle beat me to it (see his blog post for the scoop).

My friend Tim has a company in Chicago called Unleash Buzz, and he's all about word of mouth marketing on a soulful level. Tim will be speaking at the Institute for International Research's "Linking Customer Feedback to Business Results" conference in Florida at the end of February, and will be announcing something really big there related to word of mouth marketing (he couldn't tell me what, he just said it would be big).

You can get more information about the conference here.

In addition, Tim is a co-author in a book called "Walking With the Wise Entrepreneur." He's busy, but it's all good.

Kyle is doing great things, too. He's opening a place called the Idea Lounge where business people can come to get inspiration and brainstorm new solutions. He'll be conducting his Idea Lab experiments there, so watch for more information from him.

Even better, watch here for reports about our collaborations. As three "soul" proprietors, it will be fun to see what we can create together for our clients and for ourselves in order to be all we can be. My strengths are compounded when I'm working in collaboration with other like-minded people, so I'm excited to Unleash Buzz about all the Unlimited Options at the Bock's Office!


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