Friday, January 06, 2006

A Couple of Clearinghouses for Success-Minded People!

If you only had 15 minutes to get some quick hits of inspiration about being all you can be, you could either run down and join the Army or you could visit Jacob Cazzell's website SuccessMinders.

Jacob found me through my friend Phil Gerbyshak's blog "Make It Great" which you also need to check out. But here's a word of warning: you'll find yourself taking more than 15 minutes when you get to each of these sites.

Phil's blog is chock-full of inspiring thoughts and an amazing number of fantastic links and suggestions for getting beyond "nice" and "good" to making everything you do "GREAT"! Not only does Phil have his own unique and thought-provoking ideas, he is an amazing connector, who has a resource or reference for any challenge I can possibly think of. You MUST visit his site!

Jacob worked with a coach for a year, and through that connection, he says he learned so much about personal development and achievement. He says he also read tons of books and filled his brain with all kinds of positive material.

In an e-mail he sent me earlier this week, Jacob says: "In the last six months I've just felt called to give something back and try to help people. I certainly don't think I'll be the next Norman Vincent Peale, but if I can inspire others then I think I will have helped in my own way."

Don't miss either of these blogs! You will find them on my Blogroll, along with other sites that really inspire me. Give them a visit, and make sure you share a comment with them to let them know what you're thinking. Don't miss this opportunity to Make 2006 GREAT by taking control of your own Success!


At 2:02 PM, Blogger Phil Gerbyshak said...

Thanks for the recommendation Jodee!


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