Tuesday, January 10, 2006

InBubbleWrap says I'm A Winner!

OK, OK, OK already, Phil!

My friend Phil Gerbyshak over at Make It Great! is making me feel like I used to feel when Fast Company magazine first came out bi-monthly, as big as the Sears catalog: like I can't take in all the GREAT information!

Phil's at it again (you really need to check out all the incredible resources if you haven't already).

He told me about InBubbleWrap, a product of 800-CEO-READ, which you also must check out! Click here if you just want more info. about InBubbleWrap's FAQ page.

Anyway, Phil got me turned on to this site, which gives away free stuff (wrapped in bubble wrap, no less), and I won!!

It's certainly no coincidence that I won this book, given my recent interest in all things creative (see the mosaics below for more evidence of this).

I'll give you more information about this book as I get a chance to read it. I think this may be the impetus for a new workshop - I'll let you know how it develops!

In the meantime, don't forget to head over to 800-CEO-READ, too!

The Creative Habit

What? Did you think that Seth Godin spent his life on the couch eating potato chips while watching General Hospital, and all of a sudden realized, "Hey, I think I'll be a creative marketing genius." Did you think Matt Groening was on a smoke break at the factory and said, "This isn't fun. I think I'll create the most innovative cartoon of my generation." Nope. As Twyla Tharp says in The Creative Habit, "Creativity is not a gift from the gods, bestowed by some divine and mystical spark." Creativity, like anything else, is the result of hard work and practice.

Here are the winners of that book:

Jeffrey from North Reading
Brian from The Bronx
Carol from Conway
K from Boston
Dan from Milwaukee
Michael from Farmington Hills
Chuck from San Diego
Amber from Aurora
Janet from Hayward
Khalid from Thousand Oaks
James from Braintree
Jodee from Fargo
Robert from McDonough
Carson from Milwaukee
Ben from Dallas
Justin from Wichita
P from Winston-Salem
Tim from Algonquin
Manuel from Laredo
Matt from San Angelo
Benjamin from Cambridge
D from Peyton
Jackie from Chicago
Patrick from Elmhurst

Thanks, Phil - and thanks InBubbleWrap!


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