Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Increasing our Vocabulary

I've discovered a couple of words in the English language that I think we should start using more often because I love their definitions.

I’m guessing that very few people have ever heard of the word ENTELECHY (en-TEL-uh-kee) noun
1. Perfect realization as opposed to a potentiality.
2. In some philosophies, a vital force that propels one to self-fulfillment.
[From Late Latin entelechia, from Greek entelecheia, from enteles (complete), from telos (end, completion) + echein (to have).]

What if this word made its way into our businesses, organizations, and overall lives? What would happen if, in every encounter we have with people, whether in our offices, our families, our schools, our places of worship, we knew that all of us were aware of and pursuing entelechy? Would it change the way we view the people we live and work with?

The second word I really like is the word ALACRITY. Function: noun
Etymology: Latin alacritas, from alacr-, alacer lively, eager
:Cheerfulness; gaiety; sprightliness; more usually, a cheerful readiness or promptitude to do some act; cheerful willingness.

What if we knew that everyone in our workplaces and businesses and homes and community organizations were filled with alacrity? Just imagine the energy that would surround us!

Are you ready to play? See if you can use either of those words in a sentence sometime this week. Let me know what you notice!!


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