Thursday, December 07, 2006

Who, Me?

It's no wonder we're having the challenges with accountability we're having in our workplaces. I know just about every behavior and action that might be considered less than favorable that happens, whether in workplaces or in life in general, has a lot to do with fear, and we've been conditioned by fear since we were babies.

Have you seen the TV commercial about the carpet cleaning machine where the mom says magic happens in her house because spots appear on the carpet even when no one is in the room (she proclaims this "fact" as she's looking at her sheepish husband and son who kind of slink away as she notices the spots)?

I remember being a kid and blaming every broken plate, carpet spot, and squabble on my younger sister, even when I'm sure I was as responsible for the outcome. I watched a professional football game last Sunday and I was reminded of this phenomenon as I watched the Vikings jump off sides on defense as the guilty player immediately pointed his finger at the offense to try to blame them for drawing him off sides.

We don't even question those actions anymore because we're just so darn used to hearing about and seeing fingers pointed out. I'm really interested in how we might eliminate blame altogether - that means stopping blaming others as well as ourselves.

What good does blame do in our businesses? Have you witnessed blame in your workplace? What are your ideas for getting beyond the blame game in your life? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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