Friday, November 03, 2006

The Answer to Someone's Ponder

Have you ever considered that you are actually affecting someone else's life just by being you? It could be some random person on the street who you help pick up a dropped shopping bag, or a friend you greet with a wave as you see each other in a crowded grocery store.

I was reminded of the amazing effects we can all have on others when I happened to run into Carrie, a college friend, at a coffee shop yesterday morning. I was early for a meeting and she was there because she found herself with an extra hour before her dental appointment. She arrived on time for her 8 a.m. appointment, only to find that the receptionist had her scheduled for 9 a.m. She found that to be really odd because she's very good with details. So she was there when I got there.

I found out that she had gotten engaged, and was busy planning the details for her small, family wedding in December. The one thing she wasn't sure about was the music. So we chatted for a couple of minutes about some ideas, and I told her about a friend of mine, Chanda, who is a singer and who I was certain could offer her some ideas.

I received this e-mail this morning:

Hi, Jodee! Great to see you yesterday! I got in touch with Chanda; we're going to meet next week, along with a pianist she's worked with before.

I wasn't worried about figuring out the music, but was clearly in ponder mode. I knew that it would all work out; enter Jodee!
Take care

I wonder how many times we all might be the answer to someone's ponder? How many people in your life end up being answers to your own ponders? Wouldn't it be great to let them know!

Thanks for the great reminder, Carrie! Now I'm on to pay it forward!!


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