Monday, October 02, 2006

Kevin Eikenberry Recommends The 100% Factor!

I received Kevin Eikenberry's newsletter this morning, and there in living color was Kevin's recommendation for The 100% Factor!

Here is what Kevin has to say:

The 100% Factor – Living Your Capacity
by Jodee Bock

The lead words on this book's back cover are: "Potential is Someday, Capacity is Today." Jodee Bock has written a short book filled with ideas and great questions to help you think about living to your current capacity, right now.

Jodee opens this book with a warning that starts with "You already know the stuff in this book. You just forgot." She takes this mental approach to the full book. Drawing on other authors as well as her experience, Jodee never talks down to you and keeps her focus clear. She wants to help us as her readers use the information she is sharing with us.

The book contains 16 short chapters that help us consider our current capacity and how to fulfill it. There are chapters on fear, accountability, decision making, communication, knowledge and many more. At the close of each chapter she lists several questions she calls "The Reality Checklist" that you can ask yourself at anytime. All of these are thought provoking questions and they alone are reason enough to own this book.

The 100% Factor is a quick read - at 135 pages it won't take you long. When you finish you may agree with the initial warning that you knew all the stuff you read. Even so, the reminders are valuable and they are presented in a way that spurs you to take action on what you have learned (or re-learned). The value of those reminders, if you take action, will last you a lifetime.

You can learn more and order a copy directly from Jodee Bock at

Check out Kevin's website and blog to learn all about unleashing your potential (which is basically what The 100% Factor is all about!).


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