Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Brand New Mind on 09/09/09

TODAY, 9/9/09 is the day for setting powerful new goals, leaving the past where it belongs, and turning over a new leaf. What will you pack for this journey and what will you leave behind? Make up your mind to transform your mind and get ready for whole new outlook!

As adults, we have some work to do to change our minds from the way we have seen the world. Children have only to make up their minds, so now is a great day to wake up to your life.

One way to hit the reset button on your old programming is to ask new questions of yourself. One really great place to start is by asking yourself “What keeps happening to me? What do all the seeming problems in my life have in common?” It’s simply a matter of changing the way you look at things – changing your mind – to create entirely new perspectives.

Our mind thinks in pictures, not in words, yet most of us , when asked “what does your mind look like,” have never even considered it. Many will conjure up a picture of a brain, yet your brain is part of your body. Your mind is really an activity evidenced in every cell of your being. In fact, it's really the BEING behind the human.

And your mind consists of the conscious mind – the part that can think, can accept, reject or neglect any thought that comes to it; and the subconscious mind – the part that has no ability to reject a thought and must accept whatever comes to it as fact.

The stark reality is that when you were a baby – and some researchers say that this is true up until your early 20’s – the conscious, thinking mind is not even fully developed. So everything that gets programmed into that subconscious – FEELING – EMOTIONAL mind is accepted and conditioned. All the information there gets turned into your PARADIGM – your worldview – and anything that doesn’t fit there feels uncomfortable, even if that worldview doesn’t work anymore.

Your mind is perfectly programmed to give you the exact results you’re getting in your life. The universe works 100% of the time and the way to alter your results – starting TODAY – is to change your mind. SIMPLE … not always EASY.

So today, make up your mind to change your mind about your results. Be willing to undo the subconscious programming that has given you the results you’ve been getting and know beyond the shadow of a doubt that your present results are absolutely no indication of your future – whether your present results are positive or less than positive.

The really fabulous news about that is that by simply waking up, you begin to realize that you have the ultimate control over absolutely everything that comes into your WIDE OPEN mind. You have the ability to accept, to reject or to neglect any thought that occurs to you, REGARDLESS of your past conditioning.

Today, 9/9/09 is a perfect opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start all over with a Brand New Mind!


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