Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Grammar Cop is Tired

OK, I don't remember asking to be the grammar cop. Just like I don't remember asking to be a perfectionist. But I just can't seem to help either thing. (And I guess they are related, so it would make sense.)

What am I supposed to do when I find typos on people's websites, or in their ads for jobs or in other public places ("Our company is celebrating it's 50th anniversary" or "Illegally parked cars will be fine")? Or how about when I hear people say, on a regular basis, how "me and her went to the store" or "I seen you yesterday at the restaurant"?

I just can't help seeing or hearing those things when they pop up (and they seem to be popping up more often). What's a grammar cop to do? It's like having perfect pitch and hearing music out of tune.

In fact, I was pleased that Karen, my friend and fellow typo sighter, found it in her heart to give me this article about a service trip two guys took to rid the world of misplaced and missing apostrophes and other typographical errors and misspellings. In their 3-month trip, these guys found (and pointed out) more than 400 violations in everything from church signs to event posters.

The thing I'm inspired by with these guys is that they actually took action on something that they could have just complained about (which is what I realize I'm doing with this blog post, ironically). According to Jeff Deck, the guy in the photo (left), their mission is to raise typo awareness—after each stop Deck has blogged about the goofs found and the typos corrected.

"I've always noticed typos," he said, "and one day I just decided to take action. I thought it would be great to go national and see if there were patterns." He said he detects a general erosion of good grammar, from coast to coast, region to region. "If we can inspire enough people to carry Sharpies and help out, then we will be satisfied and happy."

Men after my own heart. Maybe we could start a local chapter of TEAL (Typo Eradication Advancement League), Deck's self-founded organization.

But I fear I may be the only member.


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Good for them!!


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