Thursday, April 23, 2009

Steve Farber is coming to Fargo!

Well, we made our goal! Steve Farber will officially be presenting information about his new book Greater Than Yourself in Fargo on Wednesday, September 30! Mark your calendars now!

We had a great response from our Fargo-Moorhead master minders who purchased 164 books in less than 2 weeks (that little flood situation you may have heard of probably had something to do with it!), a little short of our goal of 300 books; but thanks to the efforts of John Friend and the North Dakota Society for Human Resource Management, we made the goal and will be thrilled to host Steve in our community!

We will have extra books available for sale here in Fargo if anyone didn't get a chance to order one. I will deliver the books when they get here, so if you ordered one, watch for a special delivery in the next couple of weeks!

We've got some fun activities and projects and ideas floating around to prepare for Steve's presentation in September. Our Saturday master mind is taking this book on as our next study as soon as it gets here, so I'll report on our progress here.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our challenge!


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