Friday, April 06, 2007

Bigger Small Talk Update

I met today with a friend who works at the Fargo-Moorhead Convention and Visitors Bureau to get his advice on the details for our big event in June and I found out that he secretly dreams of being an event planner! What a bonus for all of us who plan to gather in Fargo June 27-28 for the Summit for Bigger Small Talk!

After talking with Suzanne Whang, along with Mike Sansone and Stacy Staiger on Tuesday, I think we've really got something going!

Suzanne and Stacy are not bloggers - in fact, I can probably count on one had the number of blogs they - combined - have visited. So it was great to get their feedback because we don't want to limit our event to just us bloggers.

We know we've got Dick Richards for one day of the summit to conduct a Genius Workshop for 30 lucky people (when we open registration, you'll want to get in early!). The other day will be the summit, which will include conversation about whatever topics the participants want to talk about (we'll ask for those ideas in the registration information).

I haven't talked to the rest of my impromptu committee about this yet, but I'm thinking that we might spend the morning in dialogue about topics like spirituality and business, global warming, government, religion, education, alternative medicine, finances, health and wellness, marketing, or any number of other topics. I'm not sure yet whether we have more specific questions (I'm leaning that way) or not, but at the end of the morning, I see us coming together and sharing reports from the dialogues so that, after lunch, we can move into a panel dialogue and then get to coming up with some ideas for action.

After talking with Suzanne (she's very inspiring!), I think we see the possibilities as well as the necessity for focusing our message to appeal to a wide audience.

I've now got a web designer to take care of the website (it will be at and we have a blog so please spread the word!

I hope you're planning to join us!


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