Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The B's Are Up!

We're on to the B's over at Andrew Young's Big Words for Small Business. At this site you'll see that:

"The simplicity of a single word is much more than what immediately appears.

"Big Words for Small Business removes the clutter and presents to you each month, one letter of the Alphabet around which a group of thinkers each write an article beginning with a word beginning with that that letter.

"By reading about these single words, you are able to come to a new understanding about various concepts, ideas and influences that can be made, to the way you operate and manage your business, how you see yourself and the things you say and do."

I'm honored to be one of the thinkers on Andrew's list. Head on over and read through the B's - and bookmark this site so you can see the updates (and enjoy Simon Kneebone's illustrations for each article!).


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