Monday, March 26, 2007

Bigger Small Talk takes on a life of its own!

The Summit for Bigger Small Talk is really taking shape! I've got the domain name reserved and we're planning a conference call for 10:30 a.m. central time tomorrow (Tuesday) to start talking about the details. If you have not received an e-mail about the call (details to follow later today) but would like to join us, please leave a comment here and I'll make sure you get the call-in number before 9:30 central tomorrow (so leave your e-mail address in the comments).

To fill you in a little bit on what's been happening on this end, in a post here March 8 I threw out the idea of coming to Fargo to play big regarding small talk and I challenged people with the question: "How FAR would you GO for bigger small talk? Come to Fargo in June." And with that statement, the summit was born.

I've added the tagline: "Put your mouth where your heart is" and people are taking the challenge!

As of right now we've got Dick Richards, Mike Sansone, Jane Greer and Liz Strauss confirmed; Pam Thomas and Phil Gerbyshak pretty sure, David Zinger here if he doesn't have to teach a class that week, and several others outside the blogging world set to be here. In addition, I've been e-mailing with Suzanne Whang, host of HGTV's House Hunters, who will be in Virginia the week of our summit, but who wants to be included in the conversation as well. I've also invited Lisa Nichols of The Secret and after Tuesday's call, I'm guessing there will be many others invited.

The dates are June 26-28 in beautiful downtown Fargo, North Dakota. If you're like my buddy Dave, one reason to come to Fargo is to check North Dakota off your list of states to visit before you die. That's why Dave initially came to Fargo from his home in Lexington, Kentucky as a trainer back in 2002 and we became good friends because of that meeting (he's been back several times).

Are you committed to bigger small talk in your life? Want to connect with others who share that commitment? Then put your mouth where your heart is (and your feet where your mouth is) and meet us in Fargo June 26-28! Watch this blog for more details as they develop.

How FAR would you GO? Come to FARGO!!


At 2:40 AM, Blogger Ken said...


I love your blog and would like to put in the feed on my rss reader, however I seem to have problems just putting in on snarfer.

If you dont mind please publish the feed.

At 2:50 PM, Blogger Jodee said...

Ken: I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog - I am not technically savvy enough (yet) to know how to do what you're requesting - the website is a redirected site, so I'm guessing that won't get you to the blog. Anyone have any suggestions for Ken or for me??? Thanks!!


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