Friday, April 10, 2009

Let's Bring Steve Farber to Fargo!

We're on our way to achieving another HUGE goal here in the Fargo-Moorhead community! First we held back the waters of the mighty Red River after the highest crest in history and we're watching it begin its slow ascent again as the snow begins to melt. The dikes are up and sandbags are in reserve so we're ready!

But our other HUGE goal is to bring author and speaker Steve Farber to our community by purchasing 300 of his newest book Greater Than Yourself by NEXT FRIDAY (April 17)!

Greater Than Yourself is an inspiring parable on the greatest leadership lesson of all - that the best leaders go beyond the tenets of The Golden Rule and help others to be better than they are themselves. You can read more about how Steve is bringing this GTY Project to the world and how you can do that in your own organization at

We began this quest on Monday and this week we've sold 42 books ... we've got quite a feat ahead of us this next week, but I'm confident we can do it!

We filled and placed 3.5 million sandbags in just 8 days, we can certainly purchase 258 books in 7 days!

CLICK HERE to help us with our goal and come and hear Steve Farber in Fargo! Details about Steve's appearance will follow!


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