Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Meeting of the (Master) Minds!

We held a very interesting event here in Fargo on April 23 where many of the more than 100 people who have been part of a master mind group studying various books in groups of 10-12 actually got a chance to come together and meet each other in a social setting.

What an amazing group of people! If we could have bottled the energy in that room, we could have lit up the town for a month!

Among the fantastic conversation we had, my friend and fellow master minder Melissa created an activity where participants had a chance to fill out cards with interesting questions on them. Their answers not only created a great database for us, but also put them in the running for some fun door prizes.

The questions we asked on the cards were these three: 1) What are other ways to encourage people to tell more about themselves? 2) When you meet someone, what is a good first question to ask them beyond "what do you do?"? 3) Who are you?

We got an amazing range of answers to start building our database and I'm reminded as I read through them how really grateful I am to have these people in my life.

Here are some random answers to question 1: What are other ways to encourage people to tell more about themselves?

  • Find common ground and engage in conversation
  • Give them a glass of wine! (After all, we were at a winery!)
  • Let them know wherever they are is PERFECT!
  • Ask open-ended questions and be genuine in your interest
  • Be present (one of the books we are currently reading is A New Earth which is all about being present)
  • Ask: "If you weren't confined to a human body, what would you do?"
  • Get interested in what they think has taken them where they are

Here are some answers for question 2: When you meet someone, what is a good first question beyond "what do you do"?

  • What's good today?
  • What excites you?
  • What are the top two things on your "bucket list"?
  • What brings you to this place in this moment?
  • What were you in your last life?
  • What are you all about?
  • What do you want to be when you die?

And these answers to question 3: Who are you? will tell you a little bit about the people who were at this gathering:

  • A person who walks in the room and can light it up with one smile & a laugh!
  • Just a regular guy who loves to "put people together."
  • A loving, open person with lots of stories to tell
  • I am brilliant, loving, confident and compassionate!
  • A divine spirit walking through a human experience on my way back home.
  • I am that which I cannot think
  • I am an encourager & an inspirer!
  • Absolutely anything or anyone I choose to be, but always, always gloriously & magnificently ME!
  • I am an ever changing and evolving individual striving for enlightenment

Keep in mind, this was a group of people who didn't necessarily know each other, and many of them only met because of the master mind groups and the study of Think and Grow Rich.
These are the types of people who will be attending the Bigger Small Talk Summit in Fargo June 10-11. We will be asking (and answering) similar questions there, so please consider joining us! Check out the website ( to register!

How would you answer those questions, especially "WHO ARE YOU?" Let's start some bigger talk right here!


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