Sunday, August 05, 2007

Today's Radio Lineup

OK, today I'm playing some of my favorites - and I'm just talking about what I'm seeing in my life this week that I already know. I'm sharing my latest book faves (Wayne Dyer's new one called Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life); I'm also sharing some universal laws and what they mean to me ... it's really an eclectic mix of thoughts and music!

Here's today's lineup:

1) Unanswered Prayers - Dennis DeYoung
2) Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys
3) Happiness Runs - Donovan
4) Peaceful World - Mellencamp
5) Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World - Brother Iz
6) Candle Song - Jon Anderson
7) The Trick is to Learn to Enjoy the Ride - Jana Stanfield
8) Feelin' Good - Michael Buble
9) Here Comes the Sun - Dan Fogelberg
10) Rhythm of Life - Christina Applegate & Denis O'Hare
11) Get Happy - Sinatra

As always, you can tune in live at 11 a.m. central on Sunday at Let me know if you have a request - I'll do my best to get it for next week!


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