Thursday, February 18, 2010

Speakers are a Dime A Dozen ...

... or are they?

It seems money is a big motivator these days when it comes to either hiring or not hiring a speaker, coach, consultant or trainer to take business results to the next level.

When the economy takes a dip, it's commonly believed that supporting human resources is the first cut made.

Is that true?

When could there possibly be a better time to invest in the most precious resources we have than when nothing else is certain?

As a speaker/author/trainer/consultant, I'm finding that individuals understand the value of personal development especially at this uncertain economic time. After all, if they don't believe in themselves now, it will be pretty difficult to convince an employer to believe in them - and continue to compensate them, or even employ them.

Right now individual and group coaching seems to be the safest investment individuals and organizations have, since the return can really be pretty quick.

Are you ready to take your results to the next level of success? Are you looking for a sure return on your money? Now is the perfect time to invest in you.


At 4:01 PM, Anonymous Armen Shirvanian said...

Hi Jodie.

They certainly are not a dime a dozen. The folks who say such things are usually not keen on the difference between speakers at different levels of experience and knowledge.

The only folks who are a dime a dozen are the ones who allow themselves to be labeled as such.

At 6:16 PM, Anonymous bonnidette said...

Just wanted to say that I agree with this article. When things are at there worst is when we need to be investing in the one thing that can make a difference, the one thing we can count on and that is ourselves and those people around us that we count on.

At 7:18 AM, Blogger Jodee Bock said...

Hi Armen and Bonnidette!

Great points, both of you! I'm hoping you got my tongue in cheek reference to the "dime a dozen" comment! I agree - you really do get what you pay for (most of the time).

I'm learning that whatever price I pay to develop me it is a fantastic investment, because I'm finally starting to take my own learning seriously (and into my own hands). So I learned a valuable lesson yesterday that only cost me $11 (a speeding ticket - see blog post about that).

Whatever I invest in me has a HUGE return!

Thanks for visiting!


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