Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Thoughts Become Things

If you haven't heard of TUT yet, you need to check this out! TUT.com

I'm a member of TUT's Adventurer's Club and it inspires me to greatness with its daily Note From the Universe. Each daily message, which feels like it's created just for me, ends with the reminder: "Thoughts become things - choose the good ones!(R)"

As I've thought more about TUT's advice, I realize that even without trying, my thoughts really have become more positive and uplifting. When lasting transformations or evolutions happen, it's only in stopping to really look back that we can see how far we've come. If you live with someone who is pregnant, you won't notice the changes that are happening daily. But if you only see your pregnant friend (and eventually her baby) once a month, you'll definitely notice the changes.

Our thought creation process really is a circular process that both begins and ends with the thoughts we think. Of course the thoughts we think can be influenced by other factors - the music we listen to, the books we read, the people we hang out with - which gives us many choices depending upon what we really want.

So our thoughts influence what we create; what we create is what we become; what we become is what we express; what we express is what we experience; what we experience becomes who we are; and who we are dictates what we think.

It's all about choice, and we really are in the driver's seat of our own lives. And it's crucial to remember that, regardless of our spirituality, we're never alone in our lives. Whether it's a Higher Power or our friends, co-workers, relatives, we don't have to be in it alone. There are always others to support us along the way.

The interesting fact in our journey to self-discovery is that some of the companions along the way may be with us for the long haul while some may be with us for only part of the journey - and at different stages. If we become clear in our own minds about where we want to go on our journey, it becomes easier to determine who will be with us. But if we ask those questions in a different order (who will be with me first, and where am I going second), we will almost certainly have very different results.

As usual here, I don't have answers for anyone but myself. As I become more clear about my own purpose and trust my Higher Power to guide me, the pathway really does open up. I am experiencing for myself the whole Thoughts Become Things phenomenon - and TUT was and is a big part of that joruney for me. I know I can't and don't want to make this journey alone, and I've been blessed with wonderful companions along the way.

Thanks for being here with me!


At 12:51 PM, Blogger kirsten johnson said...

I've been reading through your posts and I love them! I too am a coach and a blogger - www.letsdreambig.blogspot.com - it's refreshing to read your great thinking expressed with such candor and openness. I love it!

At 7:34 AM, Blogger Jodee said...


Thanks for visiting! It's great to get comments from a fellow coach - and blogger! Let's continue to create a world where everyone is fully free to be who they are!

Thanks for being you!


At 2:41 PM, Blogger Verna Harris said...

Hey love your blog, I am constantly trying to better my life and lot of things you talk about are helpful.


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