Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Social Harmony

I sing in a barbershop chorus. This is much more than a hobby - it's really become a passion. There's nothing like singing four-part acappella harmony with people who share the passion for ringing chords and expressing themselves through the universal language of music.

I've attended several international chorus competitions where people from different countries come together to share in this amazing craft. One of the really cool things about barbershop harmony is that it is one of the four original American musical art forms, so all songs are sung in English, even though there are choruses all over the world. It's so amazing to sing the same songs with people who may not even speak English as their first language, but to share the power of the language of music.

Even if you're not a music fan, you can still be a proponent of harmony. Here is a great definition of Social Harmony from the book "If Aristotle Ran General Motors" by Tom Morris:
Social harmony is not only a state of the absence of conflict but one of positive, vibrant consonance and interpersonal strength, a relationship within which individuals can attain the development of their highest gifts and enjoy the fullness of life together.

What are we doing to promote harmony in our lives - social, musical or otherwise?


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